Case Study: Data Security Program Supports FTC Requirements & Improves Customer Satisfaction

Financial Services Corporation

24x7 Data Management & Data Security

Customary of financial institutions, data security and maintenance of customers' personal information is paramount to successful operation. When it became clear that data security needs were more than could be handled by internal teams, Essintial℠ was brought on board to maintain data security on 57,000 PCs nationwide. 


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Who is Essintial℠?

Founded in March 2010, Essintial Enterprise Solutions℠ was born from two established organizations with decades of enterprise technology support, expertise and integrity. Privately owned, the company is lauded for its history in implementing and servicing data center, networking, and back-office technologies around the United States, as well as its management's pedigree. Experienced in working with both commercial and government customers, Essintial now leverages its Managed WorkForce® of national field technicians — along with its business intelligence team and solutions — to deliver Data Center Services, Technology Projects, and Managed Services. Essintial's headquarter-based Technical Assistance Center fields more than 40,000 service events per month with compliance for all OEM equipment supported, yielding 95%+ SLA attainment across 50+ vendors.